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Display Lighting

A customer is enticed to stop and make a purchase from the bakery department by the rich and vibrant colors of the many cakes, pastries, and yummy treats that line the bakery display case. Without the proper lighting in the bakery department, the freshness and appeal to the customer is lost and so is the sale.

Specialty Lighting for Fresh, Golden Bakery Display Cases

By optimizing the visual impact of your bakery display cases you are not only maximizing your potential for sales but you are increasing the attention to your bakery display case.

The Visual Appeal of the Bakery Display

Bakery Lighting & Bakery Freshness The bakery department depends on the visual appeal of its baked goods to attract the customer. If the baked goods smell great but lack the warm golden tones that we associate with baked goods the customer is quick to walk away.

How to Get Golden Tones In Your Bakery Department

Promolux Gold lamps are specified for baker display cases where warm golden tones in bread and fresh baked goods make all the difference in the mind of the consumer. Bakery departments that have installed Promolux Balanced Spectrum lamps have chosen to invest in the detail that they put into their bakery department and the bakery's lighting.

Specialty Lighting for Supermarket Bakery Departments

Supermarket bakery lighting or specialty merchandising lighting for bakeries has really grown in recent years as bakery department managers realize the importance of accentuating the freshness and colors of their products. More importantly bakery managers are looking to improve the freshness of their baked goods and improve the shelf life of their baked goods.

Promolux Balanced Spectrum lamps are the solution for bakery departments looking to reduce shrink and display their bakery products in the best possible light, highlighting all the warm and bright colors of their cakes and pastries.

Promolux Food Safe Lighting for Bakery Departments

Installing Promolux lamps in your bakery display cases is one of the best investments you can undertake in your department.

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