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Increased Sales with Promolux Lighting

Let PROMOLUX Lighting International support your commitment to delivering fresh bakery goods. Promolux specialty food lighting in your fresh bakery displays can help keep the appearance of baked goods appetizing and sales brisk.

Superior color rendering has become a requirement, not an option, in the supermarket industry, since most perishable foods are displayed under lamps. Shoppers select the most appealing baked goods based on a mental picture of how each fresh item should look. Under Promolux lamps, all bakery colors are more vibrant and appealing.

Bakery cakes, chocolates, donuts, and breads displayed under any kind of lighting fixture suffer damage from the effects of heat and light radiation, caused particularly by the infrared, ultraviolet and certain portions of the visible light spectrum. Promolux lamps use Safe Spectrum technology to reduce radiation while maintaining spectacular true color definition of all your fresh bakery goods.

People make most food choices in seconds using color as their first selection criterion, then check softness and aroma. The Color Preference Index consistently ranks the lighting of Promolux displays balanced spectrum lamps as the most preferred color balance.

Promolux International manufactures specialized lighting for bakery display cases, combining the merchandising advantage of superior color rendering with benefits of reduced levels of harmful heat and light emissions that cause fresh breads and pastries to dry out and fade.

Bakery marketing applications include displays of fresh pies, bread and buns, doughnuts, cakes, cookies and filled pastries. Promolux lighting improves all visual marketing displays especially where both superior color balance and temperature control are important.

Make the simple switch to Promolux Safe Spectrum lamps to see the effects in your bakery display case. Retail stores using Promolux food safe lamps in their bakery departments find that sales increase and losses due to lipid oxidation are reduced. Full balanced spectrum light should always be your commercial food lighting choice. Low radiation lghting is food safe and profitable.

Balanced Spectrum Food Lighting for Bakery Displays

Appealing baked products and desserts decorated with icing, chocolate, whipped cream and fresh fruits keep sales lively in your bakery department. Cherries, berries, and other decorative fruits all look their best under Promolux Safe Spectrum lighting.

Draw attention to delicious fresh baked goods illuminated with specialty food lighting that shows off the natural fresh colors of top quality baked desserts and gives breads, desserts, and other in-store baking a just-baked appearance for longer periods of time.

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