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Maximize Your Profits

When customers enjoy the sights, smells, and tastes offered by your bakery department, they become loyal shoppers. Loyal customers are repeat customers who often recommend your bakery to their relatives, friends, co-workers, etc. Studies have proven that satisfied customers provide invaluable advertisement and promotion work for a given company – “word of mouth” is a powerful resource.

Why risk negative publicity by chancing a negative experience. Dried out goods, gummy toppings/fillings, and worst of all – food safety hazards will quickly turn a potential long-term customer into a formidable publicity problem.

Promolux display case lamps are a crucial factor in any fastidious management program. These lamps feature a proprietary coating which produces the safest, most balanced, and most flattering visual presentation available on the market.

Promolux lights are proven to significantly reduce all three kinds of harmful radiations while displaying retail goods in the most appealing natural light possible. Lower radiation means extended shelf life. Flattering presentations mean more purchases based on eye appeal. These factors combine to reduce waste and maximize profits in your bakery department.

Minimize Your Risk

The science behind merchandise lighting proves that the radiation and heat from traditional fluorescent bulbs is detrimental to all kinds of baked goods. These studies caution that it is not only the presentation of foodstuffs that is compromised by poor lighting. Traditional florescents may also compromise food safety.

This is an important concern for retailers dealing with baked goods that contain perishable toppings or fillings such as creams. The risks associated with perishable retail are well known to bakery managers and owners. Why not implement a program today that is proven to help ameliorate this substantial risk in your baker

Only Promolux lamps are proven to improve the color and clarity of visual presentations while extending the shelf life of baked goods (and their toppings/fillings). Utilizing Promolux lamps demonstrates a commitment to the quality and safety of your food items, and in doing so, demonstrates respect and appreciation for valued consumers. Any savvy manger will soon see that the higher cost of Promolux lamps is a wise investment that promotes long-term success.

To speak to a representative or order your Promolux lamps today contact us at 1-800-519-1222 or visit our Promolux bakery application page.