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Increased Shelf Life

Extend Shelf Life

Extending shelf life is another major concern for food marketers. When you just can't keep your breads, buns and pastries fresh long enough, the lighting in your bakery display case could be the source of high levels of heat and photo emissions. Lipid oxidation initiated by display case lighting is often the cause of premature spoiling and premature loss of flavor and fresh appearance. Foodlighting by Promolux assures protection from overexposure to damaging light in bakery display cases.

Promolux lamps reduce heat and light damage and can extend shelf life and freshness of fresh bakery goods with Safe Spectrum technology that reduces ultraviolet and heat radiation in your bakery display cases. Extend shelf life with Promoluxlow radiation specialty lighting to overcome problems associated with ultraviolet light and heat radiated by conventional lighting commonly found in supermarket in-store bakeries that reduce the shelf life of bakery items.

Improve Your Bakery Marketing Displays for

When bakery display case lighting distorts the true colors of bakery and dessert displays, cake icings and fruit toppings appear yellowish and unappetizing. General purpose fluorescent lamps often used in supermarket in-store bakeries are skewed to emphasize yellow and green, and do not display white or red colors accurately.

Breads and cakes become dehydrated and prematurely stale, and fresh ingredients spoil. Heat and radiation from bakery display case lamps cause fresh baked goods to harden and encourage the growth of food-borne pathogens in desserts containing dairy cream fillings. Under regular bakery display case lamps, cream oxidizes, resulting in off-flavors and a loss of vitamin A.

Temperatures above 70°F can cause a white film to form on the surface of chocolate, and undesirable chemical reactions can occur in as little as four minutes of exposure to direct sunlight or four hours of exposure to fluorescent lighting. UV and visible spectrum radiation emitted by conventional food lighting accelerate the growth of food borne pathogens in confections containing eggs and dairy products, even when the desserts are refrigerated, and can ultimately produce the danger of food poisoning. Independent laboratory tests conducted at the University of Zaragoza confirmed that refrigerated bakery products displayed under PROMOLUX lamps have lower surface temperatures and suffer less heat and radiation damage.

Why PROMOLUX for Your Bakery Display Cases?

Promolux true full spectrum lamps alleviate these bakery display case lighting problems and reduce lipid oxidation. Natural colors remain true with Promoluxretail bakery lamps, which emit lower levels of ultraviolet radiation and heat than other commercial lighting commonly found in retail bakery stores. Promolux specialty bakery display case lamps make the perfect lighting choice for the bakery foods industry.

Supermarkets work hard to win customers and gain a competitive edge and must invest heavily in equipment, store design, merchandising, labor, electric power and advertising. By comparison, the cost of investing in Promoluxlamps is proportionately insignificant.

Replacing display lamps can be done quickly, and switching to Promolux balanced spectrum lighting is a simple, cost effective way to protect your return on investment. Supermarkets using Promolux find that sales increase and losses due to dehydration and shrinkage are reduced in their bakery departments, frequently in less than 90 days. You can expect an excellent return on your investment in Promoluxfoodlighting.

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